I am an User Experience designer and Information Architect, expert in Web and mobile digital interfaces design with more than 10 years experience in e-commerce and travel industry.

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David Serrault

Hi. My name is David.

I am an User Experience Designer.


There is nothing like the chance to work with brilliant and passionated people. Such environment makes you grow and allows you to deliver great products.

I work with humility and perseverance. Because I think that dealing with human behavior and expectations is so complex that I will have always something to learn. Design solutions may always been challenged by their final users. Eventually, they will choose to use the product or not.

I see my work as a dialectic. Design is a conversation between people with multiple expertises and needs, within the organization and outside: the users. Good design solutions raise from empathy, communication and understanding between all the involved parties.

I believe in the raise of the pervasive computing. I want to see interfaces as emerging parts of services connected in an extensive ecosystem rather than standalone products.

I am pragmatic. Good solutions are the most efficient ones not necessary the most beautiful or the most logical. They are the ones that help the user to reach his goal faster. Elegance is a consequence.


  • Discover

    The mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis allows to get the picture of WHAT is happening now and understand WHY it’s happening. Data can be collected through usage statistics. Qualitative insights can be collected through questionnaires, users interviews, in-site observations, diary studies...

    Understanding of the organization culture and strategy is acquired among other through stakeholder interviews and participative design explorations.

  • Define

    Information collected in the first step should always be compiled. Data visualizations can facilitate communication and cross-disciplines team work during the project.

    At this step a planning is defined and user experience stakes are framed by personas, high level scenarios, design principles… and summarized in a design brief.

  • Develop

    Iteration after iteration, the user experience is shaped starting from lower to higher resolution deliverables. Story boards, Wireframes, uses cases scenarios and mockups are optimised and tested.

    Interactive prototypes can be developed in a short period of time thanks to tools as Axure or InVision. Tests results are taken in account for the next iteration.

  • Deliver

    UX designers and developers have to work very closely in order to solve quickly and efficiently the problems occuring during the development process. As an Agile design team player, UX design is involved in sprints planning and demo.

    As a stakeholders of the project, the designer contributes to maintain the oringinal project vision along the development and even after.

UX is about products, services and people.

Not process.

User Experience supports an user centered focus from the ideation to...

...the implementation.

Never give up!